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Aug 6

Lauren Silverman had affair with teacher at 16


Looks like Simon Cowell’s pregnant girl has a talent for sex scandals. She left her high school after having sex with a married teacher.

Lauren Silverman was just 16 when she had an affair.

“They were having a two-month sexual affair,” a former classmate said. “Everybody in the upper school knew what was going on. It was a huge deal, especially for a little private school.”

Silverman’s secret dalliance with handsome Steve Lewis, who was also the junior varsity football coach, was said to have included after-hours trysts in his classroom.

“I heard it happened a few times in his classroom after tutoring sessions,” the former classmate said.

The illicit romance in the mid-1990s blew up after Silverman’s mom found out and reported it to the headmaster.

Lewis, then 26, was booted from the school — and the hard-partying Silverman left not long after, the classmate said.

“They obviously tried to keep it under wraps, but we went to a very small private school,” an ex-classmate said. “It’s impossible to keep it under wraps.”

Students were especially bummed over the loss of Lewis — who was described by one former student as a “cool, young guy who everybody liked.”

Lauren Silverman was known as a pretty and popular teen who ran with the cool, fast crowd.

Her crew even included Brooke Mueller, Charlie Sheen’s ex-wife.

“It wasn’t surprising that it was her,” a former classmate said. “Lauren was always the scandalous troublemaker, always chasing after older guys.”

That lust for older men has gotten Lauren Silverman in trouble again some 20 years later — only this time, it’s far more public. The curvy 36-year-old is married to real estate mogul Andrew Silverman but has been having an affair with their long-time friend, “X Factor” creator Cowell. Andrew Silverman filed for divorce on July 15 after finding out that the 53-year-old TV talent judge had knocked up his gorgeous wife.

After her first sex scandal, Silverman reportedly transferred to the University School, in Davie, located about 20 miles north of Miami.

Lewis remained married to his wife, Michelle, and the pair eventually settled in Helena, Mont., according to London’s The Mail on Sunday.

“He had to leave town because of this bimbo!” Lewis’ father, Peter, told The Mail on Sunday. “The only people who know the full details are Steven and the girl. Steven told me they’d asked him to resign.

“I don’t know how serious it was … He didn’t leave his wife for this girl. No charges were ever pressed.”

Lewis declined to comment to the paper. Silverman’s lawyer, Bernie Clair, did not return a request for comment Saturday night.

The bombshell revelation emerged on the same day that Lauren Silverman’s former stepdad told The News that the stunning socialite strayed from her hubby because he was never around.

“You can’t cuddle up at night with your Gucci bags and a credit card,” Stewart Eisenberg, 73, said. “She was not happy in a marriage where the husband was never present.”

Eisenberg took the not-so-subtle jab at Andrew Silverman, 37, as the warring couple continued holding peace talks in the Hamptons. Lauren Silverman and her spurned hubby have spent the past two days powwowing inside their Bridgehampton vacation home.

Cowell’s baby mama brought her 7-year-old son, Adam, to a nearby toy store Saturday where she purchased him a Lego set and apologized to shoppers for the gaggle of press that followed her inside the shop.

Speaking three days after the scandal broke, Eisenberg said Lauren Silverman has been breaking boys’ hearts since she was a teenager.

“The boys were attracted to her like a magnet,” Eisenberg said. “A guy she knew in high school just sent me a Facebook message saying he couldn’t believe that the girl of his dreams was now carrying Simon Cowell’s baby.”

Lauren had an idyllic home life growing up, Eisenberg said. She and her younger sister, Nicole, were raised by Eisenberg and their mother, Carole — both of whom were successful real estate developers. They lived in a $1 million home in Hallandale Beach. Big family dinners and lavish vacations were common.

“We had a wonderful family life,” Eisenberg said.

Lauren Silverman and her sister turned heads wherever they went. “We traveled a lot and no matter where we went, everyone looked at those girls,” Eisenberg said. “They and their mother were more than beautiful, they were breathtaking.

“Lauren always had a lot of boyfriends — not that she pursued them, but they pursued her.”

Eisenberg said Lauren Silverman’s marriage was on the ropes before she started getting cozy with Cowell, who likes to surround himself with beautiful women.

“I think Cowell was overwhelmed and smitten with Lauren,” Eisenberg said. “I think they both had a weak moment and were swept away but in no way did they intend to get pregnant.”

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