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Aug 15

John Mellencamp’s sons charged with felony battery


John Mellencamp’s two teenage sons face felony battery charges in connection with a July altercation in which the young men allegedly assaulted a 19-year-old man on his own front porch.

According to Nashville police, Speck Mellencamp, 18, and brother Hud Mellencamp, 19, attacked the victim early in the morning of July 29. The two were accompanied by Ty Smith, a friend of the Mellencamps and the son of Indiana University basketball coach Tracy Smith.

The trio supposedly approached the victim and then “punched, kicked and stomped” the man, police told The Herald Times. Three roommates inside the house overheard the conflict and pulled the assailants off the victim. The victim told police that Speck continued punching the victim until a roommate intervened.

The brothers allegedly attacked their victim in response to a previous incident, in which Speck was hit in the face at the victim’s house earlier in the night. Speck told police that he was attempting to break up a fight between two girls when he was pushed by a man. It’s unclear whether the victim and this man are the same person.

The victim was treated at Monroe Hospital for his injuries and referred to a plastic surgeon. Police told TMZ that the victim suffered facial fractures and cuts that required stitches.

Arrangements are being made for the Mellencamps to turn themselves over to the police.

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