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Mar 24

Anne Curtis Swimsuit Malfunction Picture

Anne Curtis Swimsuit Malfunction: Filipino actress and TV host, Anne Curtis, revealed Wednesday that she felt dishonored and disgraced over the photo and video publication of her swimsuit malfunction last Sunday during a special episode of musical variety show “ASAP XV” in Boracay.

Anne Curtis told ABS-CBN’s Gretchen Fullido in an interview, “I really feel upset [that] it’s coming out. Sana they had a little respect man lang.”

The actress did not expect people to upload the photo, saying “Hindi naman talaga maiiwasan, but to upload it or to even spread it, that’s what makes me sad. Nakaka-dishearten na may mga taong ganun. Bakit nila kailangang gawin sa akin ito?” (“It can’t be avoided, but to upload it or to even spread it, that’s what makes me sad. It’s disheartening that there are people like that. Why do they need to do this to me?”)

(Editor: In the age of the Internet and social networking, would you expect anything less from people?)

Curtis’ co-star in the film Baby, I Love You., Sam Milby, defended Curtis from rumors that the malfunction was not a publicity act for their film, saying “Who would want to expose themselves for a publicity stunt? Anne has never exposed herself. I don’t think that she is really elated.”

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